Rain Like Love

Rain like

love drop

on my fingertip, on the green

sliding leaf

silver pregnant



on my nose



full drops join and frolic

silver lost in swirling brown

eddy’s of emotion, silver to brown and back again

beauty on lashes, before the


always changing ,moving

water thick with being,

too slippery to hold

like love

the closest I get is to skin

but it is the water the love the rain within

I seek to contain but cannot.

12 thoughts on “Rain Like Love”

  1. Wonderful poem! Thank you so much for sharing… A tear of truth, just like a rain drop … will only flow through joy or pain when it flows from the well of our hearts.

    God bless, have a lovely weekend. Peace. Dave


  2. Beautiful again!!! You have a special way with words… the way you combine them… I love these combinations most of all: “love drop on my fingertip”, “silver pregnant rain drop” and “drops join and frolic”. Wonderful work!!!


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