Noah’s Boat

‘GO’ God said

‘DO the thing, two by two and you.’

‘Do I have to?’ Noah cried.

‘I don’t like animals, I don’t want to put Mrs. Noah in my boat.

I just want to watch the sun come out alone.

All by myself,

I want to float,

on the top of the world

just me and my boat.’

9 thoughts on “Noah’s Boat”

    1. being alone puts us in a position to see ourselves or feel whats going on inside us and we are just not accustomed to that. After years of ignoring and suppressing our feelings they can seem risky or challenging when we finally notice them…. I’m all for having the guts to get to know ourselves feelings and all! thanks Eleanor!


    1. i don’t think it’s that contrary really 😉 truly sharing with another…TRULY connecting and allowing others ‘in’, forces us to be who we really are and I think we spend a lot of time avoiding getting to know our true self….its all just programmed, protective instinct gone astray i think…!


  1. I love having time with others but truly enjoy my alone time. I’d be perfectly fine alone on a boat and floating :)…for a time anyway. Then I’d want to reconnect once again with the ones I love. Being alone is different from being lonely…There’s a lot we could write about this!


  2. I’m enjoying your poetry very much. You have a gift. This poem is amazing, and I cried when I read it. The story of Noah holds special significance for me. I went through a stormy season when my former spouse’s addiction destroyed our marriage and family. During that time, random people sent me photos of rainbows and told me that God wouldn’t allow the storm to drown me. They didn’t have a clue as to my situation. The comments about time alone gave me a new way of viewing this story. I’m glad I found your blog.


    1. Thankyou so much for your comment, i am honoured! I have been through a marriage and divorce and Noah’s Boat was actually written at that time. I had to learn to enjoy being in my own company and eventually I DID! Now I revel in floating by myself, and don’t feel the great fear and awkwardness that used to envelope me….
      Lots of Love to YOU! x


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