From Man To Woman

From Man to Woman                                                 Arna Baartz *2006


Beautiful and kind

heart open wide

like womb




edges undefined.

Man is here

wants to be

loved we see… exist is all.

Making the rough

the tough


the phallic reaching, mother womb

fertile fields a sad man’s tomb.

A question soft and true;

See me? I see you. Please see me? I’m here too.

Out of hand,

far too grand and now we’ve lost the point.

A blood-tipped point,

the taste of salt,

a rusty thing no-ones fault.

Beautiful and gentle

a cry…..short and true;

See me? I see you.

Please see me,

I’m here too.

10 thoughts on “From Man To Woman”

    1. it is a sad one…its about how we can tend to be locked into judgements based on gender….and believe it or not its more a plea from MAN for the women or world to see him as a gentle and true human…and maybe if we saw him for that then he could be free to be more of that, if you get my drift….:-) thanks for commenting


  1. Really great poem! I love the way you use the spacing, really drawing it out. It moves quickly and anxiously but with a sense of wanting to slow and savor. They are two.


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