Dry Water

    Dry…… over nothing not something ……………….. blank look dusty tongue, paper dry underfoot, toes shy away….    ….        ………… too dry. Mind hiding empty fear parched impressions, left here. Falsely still, chalky friction. A void?   Something (forgotten) not nothing…… something rushing, filling, flowing choking not dust but, wet thickContinue reading “Dry Water”

Morning Earth

  Deep breath clears the words so, like full cocoons they split and flutter off. Morning earth makes small gestures moist fragrant whispers dance persistently in my breast. The sun holds it’s majesty between my eyes and purple blossoms……hazy winter….. What IS this morning saying to me? What IS this dewy touch I feel inContinue reading “Morning Earth”

Stealing People?

  To ‘steal another woman’s man’… The phrase is old and unreliable it reeks of guilty blame and shying away from responsibility.   Stealing; a concept seen cleanly when speaking of chocolate and cheap jewellry. Woman; a word associated with shame.   The guilty party is not the stolen nor the thief but the waterContinue reading “Stealing People?”

The Paintbrush

The paintbrush sits on pale skin and slides scarlet over kissing plain it touches and presses like time and strokes the distance between my fingers and my desire. Eyelids close and a breath is taken….. slowly a small movement, a perfumed step The paintbrush leaves the skin hair by hair and patience tempers the dancingContinue reading “The Paintbrush”

Something More Than Mediocre

Push dangle wringle wrangle Fiddle squish make a wish……………….. Little joker great Heyokah something more than mediocre. Come here, go away walk slower, run faster fuck you zen master! 101 ways to trust you love you thankyou Find it in the dictionary under ’Rufus round and  round.’ Sylvester’s magic pebble his Father finally found His motherContinue reading “Something More Than Mediocre”

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In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


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