he saw my fear

and he called me          wonderful

he touched my scar

and he called me          brave


When I fall

out of the tree

I might land on a patch of moss.

There could be a mossy patch

could be

a  soft


some warm grass the sun was sitting on


a mossy patch

a soft bit

a piece of sun




19 thoughts on “Wonderful”

  1. this, i shall share with a great friend…
    for she will know why…
    scars are but a thin surface…and, yes…
    a testimony of the Bravery which is a part of the Beauty of Her…

    your poem is wonderful, Silver Poet…
    Peace to you.


  2. thank you for subscribing to my blog. I love this poem. ‘Wonderful’ also describes the poem itself and the wonderful metaphor of moss. In fact it’s so good I’m going to read it again 🙂


  3. in fact I loved it so much I’ve copied it into my notebook along with poems by Billy Collins and Charles Simic. you can’t get much better company than that 🙂


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