L  O  V  E

There is love and then there is LOVE.

Love with a little ‘l’ the one that we dream of and wish for.

The one we fear we’ll lose

the one we go to the movies to see.

is like a lollypop,

you suck it,

savour it,

occasionally bite into it but soon it is done.

You might claw at the stick with your teeth to extract the last skerrick of sweetness,

the illusion that was the lollipop is gone, never to be seen again.

Hmmm….. disappointing….

Love with the big ‘L’

the heat beyond the dream,

the truth within the wish,

the one that can’t be lost,

the Love that caused the movie to be made.

It is like the big bang,

the never ending sugar pop,

the kiss of God,

the sparkles that make the air we breathe.

LOVE with the big ‘L’ is the IS that lies at the core of ‘ex IS tence’,

the poem that concedes to You and I as ONE and shares a tear at the beauty of it all.

No thing can be lost when we rest in true love.

No other thing exists.

Take of your cloak and dance with me to the song

that holds US

as it’s harmony.



24 thoughts on “LOVE”

  1. “the kiss of God,

    the sparkles that make the air we breathe.

    LOVE with the big ‘L’ is the IS that lies at the core of ‘ex IS tence’,

    the poem that concedes to You and I as ONE and shares a tear at the beauty of it all.” ♥♥♥


  2. That was simply one of your best! (And no, that doesn’t mean anything bad of the others!) This one just tapped into the center of something universal, a truth being truth.


  3. So true…so beautiful….this is my favorite so far….really awesome. Touching heart…soul and mind…..thank you …Gods love and light is working through your heart to write with such amazing descriptive symbolism….God bless….peace. Dave 🙂


  4. this is very good,
    i am glad you came by and now I am enjoying your thoughts..
    very gifted…
    Thank you for sharing



  5. Deep!!! There’s so much truth I see here (at least my truth)–“There is love and then there is LOVE.” I speak of this all the time with my friends when our conversation turns to love. So, it was really moving to see it written so beautifully and clearly by you.

    You might claw at the stick with your teeth to extract the last skerrick of sweetness–hahaha!!! I’ve been there. So well described. The visual…

    Thank you for sharing your inner-beauty.


    1. your welcome, Violeta, its awesome knowing that someone else gets it!
      it’s funny we DO keep sucking long after there’s any sweetness left, I have anyway!! I remember once I sucked so hard for so long the whole stick pretty much dissolved in a tasteless gelatinous lump 😉
      Then i went through a stage of not even finishing the lollipop before going in search for a new better flavour! now I get flavour out of the BIG love I see everywhere, with just the occasional lick of the little love hahah oh i think i might be a bit exhausted ….all this sucking (no, have just had a big day learning first aid in a little air-conditioned box)! you’ve made me laugh anyway, even if it is at myself xx


      1. LOL… yep, that sure is a lot of sucking when you put it that way. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I also sucked one time so hard for so long… I hated myself for doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself. It was the first time I had felt love like that and basically i wanted every last drop I could get out of him until it all turned into a tasteless gelatinous lump. hmmh… maybe not so tasteless. I still think of him. But still a gelatinous lump. 🙂

        I’m getting the BIG love too from all over, all the time, huge sucks of it. 🙂 I watch a video or see something that catches my eye, and I swell up with it, sometimes so much I cry. Wow, all this sucking and then I add crying on top of it… exhausting! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      2. sucking crying sucking crying I KNOW! My one was tasteless, looking back on it now, so INTENSE but looking back he is unbelievably different to what I thought at the time. He did show me through the intensity what BIG LOVE can give us but without the pain so Thanks R! not that he’d ever actually READ something…:-)


  6. I can’t find a reply button. Oh well…

    You’re so right. That was the BIG benefit of putting myself through the masochistic torture of being with him. Now I know for sure intense love does exist. And just when I am about to doubt it or have someone whispering in my ear that it’s all a fairytale, I think or dream of him. So, now I’m waiting for it, but without all the pain.


    1. i spent three years in self induced celibacy learning to love and heal myself and then something pretty golden turned up. I HAVE found though that having the real thing (well this real thing anyway) really puts me in the position of PROPERLY loving myself and taking personal responsibility….i realise now that a lot of the sexual intensity i felt with old R was misinterpreted pain and his well honed false mystery! also the beginning of the kundalini opening, i am still only just understanding it all, STILL at the beginning!


      1. Oooo… you know about kundalini too… Can’t believe how much we have in common.

        I’m starting to think no matter how far I progress, I’ll still always be at the beginning.


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