Notice This










Which lips?


Fresh smell



Notice this,

this lip

that lip

kiss lip

fat lip


Love me see me, touch my hips




n o t i c e t h i s i a m s a y i n g n o t o t h i s!


18 thoughts on “Notice This”

  1. Interesting how this piece creates a swirl of contrasting images and emotions. On the one hand, there is the invitation that is hissed — Kiss my lips.
    The plea — Love me, see me, touch my hips.
    A sadness (?) or a need, or a sense that something has been damaged and needs attention — fat lip
    And finally, a request, maybe even a demand — notice this, I am saying, no to this.

    The wounded healer?


    1. yes you are exactly right. It was written during a time of self discovery (another time!) …I was being attracted by an older man who was in a position of authority, and even though i was attracted to him I KNEW it was based on low self esteem and the NEED for approval form a father figure… as much as I was saying yes i was more than anything saying NO! and ultimate i did say NO and grew in a beautiful and real way because of the courage i found to override the old programming!
      so THNKYOU! for reading and commenting xx


    1. YES if you have a look at the other comments, I have made a brief explanation of the impetus for this poem 😉
      I do think what you say here is quite true…if I didn’t judge the situation… great desire….great fear
      yes x


  2. So, tonight I was in Theodore Roethke’s childhood home, giving tours and listening to a reading by an exciting new author of fiction, and I thought about something I was told that Roethke said — and I paraphrase here — To write well, you must dig deep to where your obsessions are.

    So, there you go and there you are. A beautiful poem.


    1. thankyou for that, it helps explain to me and helps me accept exactly why my art and poetry is the way it is! and why the ones that work for me are the ones that work…. if you get my drift! xx


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