Stealing People?


To ‘steal another woman’s man’…

The phrase is old and unreliable

it reeks of guilty blame

and shying away from responsibility.


Stealing; a concept seen cleanly when

speaking of chocolate and cheap jewellry.

Woman; a word associated with shame.


The guilty party is not the stolen nor the thief

but the water upon which the woman states her


the mobile depths

the lack of firmament.


Stealing a man indeed

whoever heard such rubbish.


But what speaks here?


The use of abstract to deny the fact; the reality of pain in this world of grey matter.

Does it?


Matter I mean, really… DOES it?

Do we kill the abstract also, with our guilt.

Our need to claim, to drive our stake through someone elses heart?


It’s not as though I picked him up and put him in my pocket,

then scurried home to get him out

and thrill at my bold action with delight.


Or do we make real the theft

by doing just that in our lonely mind?


Is the purety of experience lost

in the hackles of a jealous thought?

Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

23 thoughts on “Stealing People?

  1. this is indeed something to think about…

    i had a friend who called me up yesterday to talk about how she took another woman’s man for the night. and i wasn’t sure how to feel because i’m learning there are many ways to look at this situation… no one is owned by the other and freedom is everyone’s right. my friend was happy with what she did and so was the boyfriend. yet, i’d hate to be the woman cheated on. but then if i were to see it from a positive standpoint, i could say the act of cheating is just the last sign of many signs that the relationship is no longer what it was. it must now be defined in different terms. yet again i’d hate to be cheated on and so would my friend. in the end, out of mental laziness, i resorted to no judgement. 😉

    thanks for writing this. it’s coming at the right time.


    1. that is VERY interesting and ALL that you said resonates as true! I’ll tell you what I think now after many discussions and experiences that skim in and around and over the topic…. deep down there is a little tiny person who KNOWS that what they are doing is contributing to someone else’s pain and that does not sit well inside the tiny person…this tiny person is a wondrous innocent being that only wants to feel good and to REALLY feel good comes from acting from the heart with integrity….that little tiny person understands that the benefits of over riding a temporary feeling of fiery desire in order to be true to its own loving heart far outweigh the physical fleeting moment…..
      on the other hand it can be a massive learning curve and what goes around comes around they say 😉


      1. true, true!

        yep, that tiny voice is an annoying little s’him. [sigh] i’m thinking of all the stuff i could have had and done if it wasn’t for s’him…. 😉 j/k


      2. i think there is a difference between the tiny voice of judgement and the tiny voice of truth…….i think if we are aligned with the tiny voice of (our personal) truth we feel very content with our choices…BUT if we are responding to the moralistic voice of judgement, religion (mum and dads values…) we would feel dissatisfied….
        if i look back on the situation that provoked this poem i am SO GLAD that i listened to my little voice of truth (finally) He was a YUKKY man and didn’t deserve my body, i feel so much stronger for not going there, even though at the time i wanted to SO BADLY! ;-))


      3. I was actually just kidding around. 🙂 But what you said is true. I’ve journeyed with both voices.


      4. hahaha!!! funny visual!!! the same for me. 🙂

        i told my mom yesterday that my head is constantly in the ethers. so many times in a day, my head goes off on a contemplation vacation. it lounges on the beach with a daiquiri in its hand. hahaha!!! that was a weird visual. a head with a hand… 🙂 😉

        anyway, please think away… thinking is a road to freedom. i enjoy my mind to the fullest. and i see you do too. 🙂 plus you get me thinking when you think. i can’t beat that. 😉

        you’re on to something. for me the voices are still intertwined. i usually go by: would i want someone to do it to me? for me, this is a mixture of judgement and truth. judgement in that i judge it to be a pain-inducing. therefor, i shouldn’t do it. personal truth in that it’s all about me. it’s rules i set for myself to create the world i want to live in.

        for example, a man i loved, once came to me while on a short “break” from his girlfriend and i had the choice to take him for the night or not. i chose not to. one reason: i respected his girlfriend’s feelings. if i were in her shoes, i’d want another woman to consider my feelings. anyway, this choice made me sad and happy simultaneously. sad in that i would have wanted to be with him. happy in that i was able to respect myself and our world of energies by respecting her. plus, spreading compassion feels good.


      5. I KNOW that our choices are based on the self and the way we might feel but what else’s is there…with emotional intelligence you realise you can’t properly judge how another might feel but you CAN know how you would feel and to live according to that has got to be ok…especially when we are making an effort to know ourselves and live with an open heart and mind…. i think to act when we KNOW it can potentially hurt someone and that it is unlikely to bring us any lasting joy… I think if it is right and WILL bring lasting joy to us then we’d probably do it, if you know what i mean…i intend to live the happiest most successful joyful and fulfilling life possible for me but i also intend it from the BIGGEST part of me which will make sure it happens in the best way possible for everyone involved. That might seem a little disappointing to some at times but it always works out the best in the end! haha! I am such a SURETALKER!


  2. Great images. How does a woman steal a man? Do men steal women n the same way? You nailed it–jealousy and misogyny.

    The image of a man stealing a woman conjures up the image of a cave man with a club with a woman slung over his shoulder. the meaning of that is humorous with an underlying admiration of the man’s aggression and taking what he wants.

    Women have a lot going against us.


    1. Yes a strange territorial thing…..I think both men and women are guilty of seeking the green grass on the other side of the picket fence……what they see someone else enjoying……. I had a male friend that ‘stole’ just about every one of his male friends partners over the years that I knew him…I could see he was looking at the relationship and wishing it was his as a whole, a comfortable love but instead of going and working on his own emotional state and creating it for himself he literally tried to step into the role of husband with each of these women… obviously it was unsuccessful! so often it is our own lack of self awareness that leads us down these unfulfilling dirt tracks!


    1. True…it definitely seems to be an emotional state within the human psyche that is easily triggered….the insanity is in our habit of identifying with separation rather than connection….and in not recognising our own beauty and worth….maybe recognising our true worth and beauty and fostering a deep sense of love for the self could render envy/jealousy obsolete….hmmm who knows 😉


  3. It’s reassuring, for a start, the people still *ask* the questions, still *need* to ask them–that says that there is a core sense of behaving in ways that do not harm others, or the universe, that must be questioned and hopefully, satisfied in the balance.


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