Sticky Beak

Sticky little, baby beak wee, yellow, peeky beak  . . Orange curiosity, . hot blade ferocity. . . Little beak tried to speak, only firey plumes.  . Billow forth a punch of smoke grey, thick nearly choke . . dirty, sooty, ashy toes charred, tired, naughty nose. . . Stickybeak took a peek something sleepingContinue reading “Sticky Beak”

Pinocchio Flirts

Awkwardly pining, little toes cramping belly forward against the air click clack duck on a string dancing. The powerful ‘real’ driving Aching Wishing Knee’s up! Full thrust Forward First word interest in sert (i)t To be found In the carpenter ‘s’  (e  c r  e t) tool b o x Across the room GO theContinue reading “Pinocchio Flirts”

My Yearning Throat

Some things burn like acid, searing the mind on both sides, etching the air that fills my body. Stark, intense, marks, Molten fingertips, a tiger’s scratch that draws the breath and drags me back again. These things are born of storms electricity, thorough strokes that cut and slice right into my yearning throat.

The Shame Game

  A game of shame a shame game. Solitaire. I’m game if you’re game are you (game) little rabbit? Can two play? Dirty names Sick, lame, filthy, fat,  shame I’ll show you yours, if you show me mine, SHAME that is. My secret consciousness MINE alone Small and smelly down beneath From mother to daughterContinue reading “The Shame Game”

My Heart Pocket

I must say thank you  to the wonderful Jennifer Bullis for her inspiring tribute, created in response to a series of art work I did in which I posed the question ‘What Would Fall Out If The Heart Were A Pocket and We Were Each Turned Upside Down?’ Please pop over at her blog Poetry at theContinue reading “My Heart Pocket”

How Can I Be A Balloon?

How can I be a balloon and not notice? How is it possible to absorb another’s breath so thoroughly. And why, when the leaking starts, does it scratch and weep? There is a monster in my thoracic cage. I slide through the window To play his baby Grand. Yes, I’ve had lessons, practise daily. TheContinue reading “How Can I Be A Balloon?”

Magician’s Friend

Sometimes you disappear did you know? like a dove my magician’s friend. I wonder then, my heart shapeshifts, a sniffer dog it searches sniffing for you. I know nothing But what I see here,  in my kennel of supposition and assumption. Where are you pretty friend? Where is my heart’s compliment? Could you be, drinkingContinue reading “Magician’s Friend”

The Olive Tree

Her skin is on the olive tree grazed and taken she sits young thighs pressed and marked by blood left there and still she pretends to play a pink note peeling it was only yesterday fresh off the press little peach Time has built an ark to house the template and fingers      print and ache though bonesContinue reading “The Olive Tree”

Silver Poetry

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it is all just bullshit anyway.....


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In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


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