rose light


through a window

in my beating heart.

i skim the temporary


that is you,

the ribbons

of connection



in a blanket of


i savour


25 thoughts on “Fleeting”

      1. Slowing down is wonderful…i have been discovering so much MORE joy in writing poetry lately than i thought was possible…I have been watching a show called ‘Planet World’ with a presenter called Stephen Fry…it is about language and is amazing…i wonder if you can get it where you are…it is on Australias ABC….but you might see it on youtube or would have to get it on dvd….really fine and interesting….
        got to go and prepare baby lunches and get them to daycare so i can breathe out…we have had too much chocolate this weekend!


      2. Hey! I’ve never heard of the show, but I also barely watch tv. So, i don’t know all the channels we have here. Slowing down is indeed wonderful. It was like a breather for me. Also, gave me the chance to re-prioritize now that i’ve basically finished what i set out to do. This week I plan to take my notebook out (that’s been collecting dust) and start writing random stuff again. Yay!!! Can’t wait. Too much chocolate… that sounds like heaven! 🙂


      3. I’m excited to say I just completed my first Tofu in Tomato Sauce dish! And the Tofu doesn’t look mushy. Yay!!! Maybe I’ll call it Tofu Stew. hahaha!!! Can’t wait to try it… ttyl 🙂


      4. tofu always went mushy for me until i learned about firm tofu! haha also sneaky frying first is yummy!
        isn’t it awesome when you get excited about a project ….love that feeling . have fun with your notebook xxx


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