little bird

little bird with yellow beak

sits in empty frangipanni tree


it trips and hops

is happy

i am happy

to see this thing….the life,

and beautiful COLOUR

so inviting that my body wants to die and fall apart

to be the bird, the beak

and the tree.


41 thoughts on “little bird”

      1. Perhaps they are but I am unaware. Either way, I enjoy learning a new word and so I thank you! πŸ™‚


  1. I love birds. Before getting into full-blown animal advocacy all around, I had an amateur bird-watching faze. Great poem, short, simple, elegant; it gets right to the heart of it with description and emotion. Excellent.


      1. You’ll have to remedy that! I’ve actually got two bird tattoos. A blue jay on my right bicep (my favorite bird), and an American goldfinch (my state bird) within a collage of historical facts about New Jersey.


      2. i will paint a new bird a blu newbird….you’ve given me an idea for my current painting……i think i need to tattoo the messenger dog with cave paintings…. I’ll write a poem about it and post it when i am done thank you xx


      3. You can actually see them on my post “Every Picture Tells a Story” on — not to sell you on my blog, but it’s easier than trying to link the pics here and fighting with the technology, which I tend to do!


  2. Lovely indeed. Let your mind go…follow the heart and in a heart beat and a feeling know that you are that bird…flying free…the colour of life flowing through your veins. God Bless and Happy Easter to all! May your Divine essence fly! Dave


      1. Aahh … but surely my wife thinks i amactually more of a sage and onion…(IE full of ‘stuffing’ ha ha LOL) you are so kind and that is lovely thing to say. We are all being blessed to read your ‘one-derful’ poetry! Write ON! :))
        PS Just had some chocolate and crisps after my lent period finished…Mmmm. See what i mean…full of stuffing! he he. Have a great evening. Peace D X


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