Words Like Grass



Tall and tangled

seeming free to float,

gesticulate and cut!

THEN in thoughtless rushing,

words like grass

push together,

leave air wet

form a tributary or tendril

(with sex or perfume)

confuse the mind, flicker the eye

and wrap around my finger

to create a memory

20 thoughts on “Words Like Grass”

  1. This work, like all your others has lightened the path of my own inspiration, and for that I thank you greatly. Your work, and more importantly You, imbue the world with your own radiance.


  2. I pictured a lawnmower disturbing the blades of grass, wrapping in a quick rush up to the turning blades of the mower, and somewhere in the intermittent cutting process, wrapping into an instant of some cohesive entity of words.


    1. wow a lawnmower hadn’t actually entered my mind …but why not, there is definitely something sharp and dangerous going on!

      the ‘instant’ you mention, is an important part of the picture…..


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