I AM Grateful For My Breath



I breathe the coloured air


like Autumn


teaspoon in a cup.


A touching


precision the dawn brings with it,

a focus, an esteem of something new;

like Womanness.


‘Womanness,’ he said, just a word, a new word,

or more…

a strange word,

a strange man, but real maybe…..


WO MAN (is this) NESS (ecary)





desire for balance

desire for Woman ness.



more or less


I don’t know

let me pause for a moment between





Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

34 thoughts on “I AM Grateful For My Breath

      1. lol Balance is the mantra between me and one of my close friends… when we get frustrated we simply look at each other and say “Balance” and we understand… you must be a kindred heart.. because her and I were going through the same thing and we managed to keep balance and a great friendship has blossomed… life is so interesting some times


      2. absolutely…so powerful that type of connection…I have a friend like that too…they are a special part of the self that makes it easier to remember!
        life is very interesting very very very


  1. I love the wordplay here. Your style utilizes a lot of it, which I love, but it seems a little more BITING here, conjuring multiple emotions. The painting, too, is one of my favorites so far.


    1. a lot of my work has a bite to it…because i am a seeker of a kind….a bit pissed off at the constructs and yet amazed at the fascinating miracle of conscious awareness and life…..


  2. To exist outside the binary construction of gender and sex is certainly not easy. In fact, it can be scary as hell; but, at the same time, it is an illuminated life.


    1. to exist outside an established construct of any kind raises some intense emotional challenges but what a deep and evocative ride once we get those peddles turning! thank you for your comment …truly appreciated!


    1. thankyou, i am so happy that people keep reading even though half the time i am not sure the poetry makes sense…..;-) i write because i like the sound and the marked differences between the images that come to my mind…..


      1. I generally don’t read the other’s comments and replies, but I’m glad I scrolled down to this one. Stream-of-consciousness poetry is just as valid as any other. It’s like you’re a receiver for celestial airwaves. I used to create that way, once. It’s funny; I hadn’t thought have that until now. Now my work is more deliberate, measured, rhythmic, and impacting, but there was a raw flow and beauty to its body before. You have that pure emotional channeling. And if it doesn’t make sense to some, well, so be it. The words exist for themselves, and the readers are just welcome passengers!


      2. wonderfully put
        i love the idea of the words taking people on a journey or even more literally for an emotional ride. As long as it triggers something…i guess even ‘YUK THIS IS DISGUSTING CRAP’ is an intense reaction worthy of note 😉
        on one of my art sites i talk about the viewer furnishing the piece with their own story…. it is much the same with writing xxx thanks for reading, fox. have you seen ‘fantastic mr. fox? love that movie


  3. Have you published a poetry book yet? Because I would so buy it!!! I love the words, the painting..oh so mesmerizing. 🙂 You are a beautiful soul and thank you for sharing your talents.


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