Pinocchio Flirts



little toes


belly forward

against the air



duck on a string


The powerful ‘real’




Knee’s up!

Full thrust





in sert (i)t

To be found

In the carpenter

‘s’  (e  c r  e t)


b o x

Across the room


the missing



Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

39 thoughts on “Pinocchio Flirts

  1. yes please expand on this poem. I can feel it rattling under the pressure you place on every word placed by itself. The sound effect created by the words made me think of a metallic or wooden being and of course goes back to the title.
    The painting seems to be of a woman in a kneeling position, maybe I’m wrong or maybe the word flirt is leading me there, hmmmm…
    Nice one!


    1. well we will see what comes out in the next little while….the painting is of a woman shaped jigsaw piece ….like the bit thats missing that can be found in the tool box really could just be me!


  2. First thing that came to my mind, Flirting Pinocchio made of wood … hmmm, are you referring to … A Woody? 🙂


    1. its funny that its the first thing that came to your mind! hehe…no i wasn’t but it does have the occasional euphemism that might make you lean that way…i was referring to the deep desire to be real/authentic… the carpenter and pinocchio are aspects of each other…..


      1. Thank you for clearing that up the deeper poetry can be more difficult to understand. I’ve just begun learning how to read different types of poetry. I can now understand your meaning of the poem, very deep and really gets a person to stop and think on many levels. Peace


      2. Thanks for looking into it, as much as the poet might intend to convey something specific, it is the readers story that gets triggered and THAT is the true JOY of it all!


  3. I adore this poem! Especially the last line about the ‘missing peace’. Because pinocchio is made up of pieces and is missing the ones that could make him a real boy and the peace that could come with that. I don’t know if I just read way too much into that or looked at it in a way you didn’t intended, but I thought you’d like to know I really enjoyed your poem!


  4. Beautifully crafted. I heard that wooden duck being pulled across a hardwood floor. The whole poem reminded me of a toddler growing older and older and there is no more peace. Love it.


    1. what a wonderful and interesting insight… as a child i could not wait to grow up i truly yearned to be out of my small body and in a big one with more power….little did i know that i would feel much the same still rummaging in the carpenter’s tool box for the secret peace….


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