Sticky Beak


little, baby beak

wee, yellow, peeky beak



Orange curiosity,


hot blade




Little beak

tried to speak,

only firey plumes.


Billow forth a punch of smoke

grey, thick

nearly choke



dirty, sooty, ashy toes

charred, tired, naughty nose.




took a peek

something sleeping








24 thoughts on “Sticky Beak”

  1. Coincidence….but about an hour ago, one of my baby orange chickens injured herself, her poor little squeaky, curious beak…seriously! Your poem arrived in my email and startled me…life is amazing! 🙂


  2. heh-heh, I really like this one – I was told when I first met my mother-in-law, that ‘sticky beaking’ is about sticking your nose in where it shouldn’t be (!) I’d never heard of it before.
    Your poem doesn’t read as though this is what you mean by the sticky beak here except that you do mention curiosity – great poem – nice rhythm – funny – and dark …


    1. yes it is a bit obscure, the meaning in this one….i think i am referring to deep introspection and how we may find the completely unexpected even within ourselves…BUT i could be referring to poking around in another’s depths as though you might ever be able to understand or fix them but being unprepared for what you find……and getting your arrogance burned….
      haha still trying to get my own poem….!


  3. I think if we dig to deep we dig our way into hell never finding the answers we’re looking for. A need and desire of those who much curiosity is like the need and desire of those who love money, there is never such thing as enough. Sounds like your chic’s curiosity led to a naughty nose 🙂


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