The Coffee House



A spider, centred on graceful feet,

is watching me.


Anticipation shimmies,

poetry and bitter glee!


The gurgling, mud-speckled machine is

righteous, it preaches to silver kettle with ferocity.


The toaster is coy.


Fork and spoon people quiver.


Glass soldiers clink in their morning cupboard.


Orchids celebrate this return to sun,

this moist orchestra of green enlightenment.


My tongue and mind are dancing!


The dawn is plush with bohemian rhythm,


I am heavenly breath…


Oh my heart leaps across silver dew,

rejoicing in this cacophony,

this thumping, burlesque hymn!


So JOYOUS here

in my winking coffeehouse!

Moon Waves

as night concludes my body rolls

to rest on printed sand


 I am phosphorus


 sliding through hot sea walls

I am wide water falling

I am gold flesh rain


moon waves are tinted love and form to flex this raw satin surface


somewhere a child whistles sweetly,

her pea green boat patiently bobbing


she of sky cat dreams holds out her bowl

colours slip,

aromatic oils flower,

I dip my fingers and take the hint


there is lightning in my eyes

Wishes Wet My heart

Note: My friend  Lady Day agreed with me to write a ‘wish‘ poem, pop over to 75 kaleidoscopes to take a look. Please feel free to bring your wish piece or the link to it, to the comment box below.


Wishes Wet My Heart

There is silence

in me,

one minute forever silence


Yesterday’s colour splashes

crude abstract


her baby is gone now


Wishes track a lonely path to pool

in silver quiet,

that birth is over


My tiny love,

vines untangle and spread,

they flourish in grief….


to soften the blow,

to cushion the pain,

to withdraw the moment.

But it is not my place to say what should have been,

no softening for her,

but time


Burning Eyes

Note: My friend Lady Day has also completed a poem about ‘eyes’, check it out, your eyes will not disappoint! Feel free to add your own eye poem  and link in the comment section!


Burning Eyes

coal eyes

trample me sadly,


like her flesh,

they are raked and old


through red dirt dragged,

by demon soldier moments,

her lashes lower slowly,

like curtains


players unthinkable wait dryly,

for final call

and with my eyes of yearning fear,

I am stretching, sinuous,

past tearing, devil thorns,

striking at forgiveness


forced beyond endurance,

forced to truly stick back these eyes,

strip down to bare compassion



into her broken heart


I take the hit

willingly, for what it is worth,

branded and burning.

Bear Feet




In this world of gridlock

and perilous edges,



from infant towing ducks


l i n e s



and still the steady growth of skin in which to fit soul and all.

I wish to curl,

fingers in fingers,

but bear feet stretch and dig,

fists are balled and hoping.

Blood sticks

to my toes,

occasional sadness expands



the body,


via silver boats…..






But the lines are very dark

and whales are needed to tow them now,

because even on my bravest days

I cannot.

bee bird




i am


a bumble bee like

flutter bird,

i am a nectar rainbow

ambrosia and light


withhold your strident word

and cursing fear,

put down you bricks and mortar,

and soften to me,

for i am joy,

pink butter joy,

a honey breeze

a tickle,

i am smiles of jasmine flavour

i hover and glide

within your sigh

an iridescent  whisper,

i am your sun kissed friend,

you will find me in a flower





Storyteller mirror silent giver of wishes true.

I am an elephant.

Oh how I love me this way,

my close up folding,

my sheets of warm skin,

the magnified texture

and pores of space.

Dust rises under lined feet,

planets rotating from bone to bone,

across arterial heart,

kicking up dreams.

These eyes are before,

hinting animal

and compassion.

I am lost in my own wet, gaze.

There is orange, I see, underneath

the roots of millennia,

embers of genesis,

still burning,

sparking movement,

action divine.

Yes I am,

so deeply all,

so deeply me,