The Coffee House

    A spider, centred on graceful feet, is watching me.   Anticipation shimmies, poetry and bitter glee!   The gurgling, mud-speckled machine is righteous, it preaches to silver kettle with ferocity.   The toaster is coy.   Fork and spoon people quiver.   Glass soldiers clink in their morning cupboard.   Orchids celebrate thisContinue reading “The Coffee House”

Wishes Wet My heart

Note: My friend  Lady Day agreed with me to write a ‘wish‘ poem, pop over to 75 kaleidoscopes to take a look. Please feel free to bring your wish piece or the link to it, to the comment box below.   Wishes Wet My Heart There is silence in me, one minute forever silence . Yesterday’s colour splashes crude abstractContinue reading “Wishes Wet My heart”

Burning Eyes

Note: My friend Lady Day has also completed a poem about ‘eyes’, check it out, your eyes will not disappoint! Feel free to add your own eye poem  and link in the comment section!   Burning Eyes coal eyes trample me sadly, burnished, like her flesh, they are raked and old . through red dirt dragged, byContinue reading “Burning Eyes”


      Storyteller mirror silent giver of wishes true. I am an elephant. Oh how I love me this way, my close up folding, my sheets of warm skin, the magnified texture and pores of space. Dust rises under lined feet, planets rotating from bone to bone, across arterial heart, kicking up dreams. These eyes are before,Continue reading “I AM ELEPHANT”

Blue Meadow Allowing

.. . . Blue moon cocoon FULL tightening burgeoning fruiting heart . Lips glossy with urgent whispering and wishing               wells of childish yearning                         eyes full crystal caves ever deepening ever widening infinitely flowing          Continue reading “Blue Meadow Allowing”

Silver Poetry

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Unfettered BS

it is all just bullshit anyway.....


Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Post Scriptum Poets

Haikus Senryus and Tankas about anything and everything

InkBlots and IceBergs

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This and That

In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


Scripting the desires that are soul deep

Cosmos Reflection

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Purple Haze

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The Lonely Author

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The Realm

well, come on in. bite. chew. spit.

SouL SpeakS

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