Holy Kiss



like fresh water,

flushing my throat



my heart

like waves!

Holy kiss,

biting lips,

blue flame

melting iron.

Spirit, chasm cracks

and folds it’s wings around

like more skin.

Tongue like sea


tugs at me

touching whole mouth.


caged breath melting



One kiss,

burst of truth,

sweetest blade






I died behind the door, a shiver on the floor.

35 thoughts on “Holy Kiss”

  1. Great poem, the last line “I died behind the door, a shiver on the floor.” is an extremely powerful line. The whole poem grabbed me but that last line is amazing…


  2. Wonderful poem and painting. I think the combination of sacred with, well, a bit of profane is especially powerful here as it could almost be a religious rapture of a mystic. Of course, rapture is “fungible” as it were; I’m not sure the actual emotion differs so much whether it is religious or humanly sexual. Wonderful lines here and the painting is terrific. k.


    1. thankyou, you are on the money actually. the fervour i felt in the moment that that kiss took place is the same desperate pleasure that begins to build when i am verging on merging with a spiritual revelation….
      I feel we may fear opening to our sexual potential because of an under knowing that we are in likelihood opening to the reality of something so powerful as to be called god…..


      1. yes, I read it as a sexual experience mixed with a spiritual one. There’s a lot of ink out there about how sex is a mystical and spiritual experience and your poem captures that tension very well.


      2. thankyou, I think humans are intensely emotional creatures and actually electrical…it wouldn’t surprise me if we were capable of ecstasy far beyond the average experience


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