I Cannot Speak



I cannot speak,

my mouth is full of coins

I cannot cry or beg

only muffled longing and eyes.


I cannot spit or barely breathe

for the tumbled gold between my teeth,

there is love making and revelry

that leaves me cold and choking.


I cannot eat

my lips a drum, a drawstring purse,

full to bursting.


A hint of space

seeks to displace

this mad gold,

frankincense and myrrh, fragrant contradictions.


Mouth and tongue pressed for time that coins cannot buy.


One ambitious


of success

one adventuring taste

of riches

one silver toy thing

sticky with birth


and falls



passed a thousand sensations

to land

silently in the sand.

i cannot speak


38 thoughts on “I Cannot Speak”

      1. In all sincerity, I enjoyed the poem very much. Thanks for sharing. I just couldn’t resist. I’m mischievous by nature.


  1. Hmm…I’d like to know what’s in that sand!

    Thanks so much for following me,
    oh poet, keeper of hearts that are free.


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