Kissing Tears

her heart bled salt

an ocean’s tears

to fill a crimson jar

love sang deep

in cold dark night

and caught a falling star

the swallow called from rusty eaves

to ask for gentle rest

while fingers touched

the tears he kissed

that fell upon her breast


52 thoughts on “Kissing Tears”

  1. Please share with me the format of this poem. I quickly recognized the pattern, and as I read into the last stanza, It almost felt very familiar. Not the words, the structure. Loved it! It appears as a 2-3, 2-2-3, 2-3, 2-2-3 meter is that correct? Does the style have a name?


    1. oh my, you force me to reveal my ignorance! i love words and feel them out and then they appear and i play and pull them apart and dissolve a few until it makes a kind of music to me….
      just like my art…no formal structure to anything i do….just emotional expressionism. xxx


      1. That is very cool, it reveals a structure within your art. A pattern. Let us know that once upon a time, poetry was the applications of sounds to objects without names. The structure followed the art. Hence, today’s prose are the fossils of yesterdays poetry. Your a true artist! I often do the same thing. I here a melody of sounds. A very obscure blend of meter and sounds influenced by thoughts — the process of suiting the sounds to words, the meter to some form of order, etc. is the art of it all.


      2. That is very interesting, I like what you say!
        at the risk of sounding cliche, I must say that it is like the words and images are endeavouring to come out, but won’t be satisfied if they are not placed correctly…
        🙂 sometimes i am impatient and don’t do my job of correct word placement properly though!


  2. How beautiful! I see so many different emotions and feelings…and depending on how you read it…you can see so much soul. I love how you add the pictures at the end of your poetry. Have you ever written anything on preventing domestic abuse? I’d love to showcase it on our blog? Thank you for following the opt4 blog…and I love your poetry.


    1. I am an advocate for emotional intelligence education as a priority teaching in every school to equip children with the self-awareness and self-esteem to navigate their lives safely, successfully and joyfully. Domestic abuse or in fact abuse of any kind can be avoided with emotional intelligence and self-love. Emotional Intelligence/awareness in schools would help the little children that are being trained negatively at home and hopefully give potential abusers and potential victims a chance at a different life.


      1. What a wonderful reply. I feel better, feel more thankful, and more serene because I know people like you are in this world. thank You for being you and doing what you are doing!


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