Silk Screens




Pretty birds and vines,

embroidered simplicity

reveal perfect lines

and puppetry.


Orange-yellow blossoms

warm toes on tiles

will not mask your human steam,

your spirit perfume.


You of naked information

cannot hide nor burn,

but, in candid ambiguity,

only delight.


35 thoughts on “Silk Screens”

  1. Oooo, do you ever sell a piece of art that comes with a poem? I can see the painting and a framed poem side-by-side, the poem where the artists name and the price might usually be in a gallery. But then where would that go..hmm. I’m very interested in seeing more of this. More of your work and more painter-poets. I’ve always wanted to see (and maybe create myself) a painting with a poem actually in it. But your paintings are so exquisite and I cannot see them with words inside of them, only beside them. I’m sure you’ve pondered all of this. But this poem and this painting I’m commenting on seemed to go so very well together.

    It’s a pleasure to meet you–I like what you do.


    1. Thankyou Gorgeous, for your thoughts and compliments! I actually held an exhibition a couple of years ago called ‘WHat Goes UP must come down’, in which all my paintings were exhibited and sold with poetry!
      for these poems I dip into my archive of paintings and occasionally one fits perfectly. Create a painting with a poem and make sure you let me know! xxx


  2. Oh, awesome! Yeah, I’ll let you know when I do one of my own. My grandmother Peggy was/is a painter (acryllic, abstract) so I have an idea of where to start and have done a little painting myself. I’m insprired, thank you! Love what you do


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