Storyteller mirror silent giver of wishes true.

I am an elephant.

Oh how I love me this way,

my close up folding,

my sheets of warm skin,

the magnified texture

and pores of space.

Dust rises under lined feet,

planets rotating from bone to bone,

across arterial heart,

kicking up dreams.

These eyes are before,

hinting animal

and compassion.

I am lost in my own wet, gaze.

There is orange, I see, underneath

the roots of millennia,

embers of genesis,

still burning,

sparking movement,

action divine.

Yes I am,

so deeply all,

so deeply me,




65 thoughts on “I AM ELEPHANT”

  1. Ah Lovely Silver…this is serene and powerful…excellent way to paint in all our minds. Again, you may find me basking here in this piece, since elephants are one of the things that I feel a spiritual connection to, this touched to my heart. Thank you


  2. thank you for this, you have a wonderful way with words. “sheets of warm skin” is a fantastically comforting image to me, for some reason. i love it.


  3. My very first ‘re-blog’! I am so touched by this poem, by all your posts, that I felt inspired to do my first re-blog of this amazing poem, especially after I did my post about elephants. I included this intro: I want to share this gorgeous poem from the witty and wise Silver Poet because she also deeply loves elephants. And so that even more readers may discover her beautiful blog. Blessings, Gina


    1. oops… didn’t realize the system already tells you. Now I really am from the Department of Redundancy Department. 😉


      1. Woohoo! Thanks 🙂 And your new term has a great name. Anything that rhymes with wheee is good to me.


  4. This is a wonderful poem. The last verses, beginning with
    “I am lost in my own wet, gaze” moved me deeply. Thank you.


  5. Wonderful! “Sheets of warm skin, the magnified texture, and pores of space” – so very evocative. Hundreds of elephant sculptures adorned the streets of Singapore when I visited last year, but none quite captured the imagery in your verses. 🙂


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