bee bird




i am


a bumble bee like

flutter bird,

i am a nectar rainbow

ambrosia and light


withhold your strident word

and cursing fear,

put down you bricks and mortar,

and soften to me,

for i am joy,

pink butter joy,

a honey breeze

a tickle,

i am smiles of jasmine flavour

i hover and glide

within your sigh

an iridescent  whisper,

i am your sun kissed friend,

you will find me in a flower

52 thoughts on “bee bird”

  1. can I even say how awesome this is? splendid, amazing, effervescent (that last is the word of my week) lol it’s soooo gorgeous.~R


      1. oh lol I wish…I am just having a fleeting time…just love so much to rhyme…but so beautiful I’m not…just love the words that you’ve got…:) lol


      2. this is true, just would love to be painted as beautifully as a bird…just human, no feathers


      3. I will eagerly await your spellbinding words…perhaps we should each write on them and meet up here and see our own takes on these things 🙂


      4. feathers are soooo fun, sometimes when i put one in my hair it distracts from my grumpy face or poor self image! I get teased about it by well meaning friends, mostly those who see the bird in me so it is acceptable! xx


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