The Coffee House



A spider, centred on graceful feet,

is watching me.


Anticipation shimmies,

poetry and bitter glee!


The gurgling, mud-speckled machine is

righteous, it preaches to silver kettle with ferocity.


The toaster is coy.


Fork and spoon people quiver.


Glass soldiers clink in their morning cupboard.


Orchids celebrate this return to sun,

this moist orchestra of green enlightenment.


My tongue and mind are dancing!


The dawn is plush with bohemian rhythm,


I am heavenly breath…


Oh my heart leaps across silver dew,

rejoicing in this cacophony,

this thumping, burlesque hymn!


So JOYOUS here

in my winking coffeehouse!

44 thoughts on “The Coffee House”

  1. my internet is crap today…I posted a comment twice that flew into the vast heavens of the satelite world….Dear Lady Silver, your coffee house is surely divine. Black! please, No cream and heavens! No sugar 😉


    1. your allowed to have tea in my coffee house too!
      we have yummy black madura (an aussie tea) and a few herbals not least a VERY special blend of japanese Green tea…you may have whatever you wish


  2. This reminds of “Beauty and the Beast” by Walt Disney and how each servant was transformed into a household object. These days I been thinking about animate and inanimate objects. Thanks for this!!


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