Nightingale Rapture



She of female colour

works a cherry path

tripping rainbow wind and flaunting a song,

the nightingale rapture…

A bountiful traveller, her bowl swimming,

a vagrant obstreperous kite.

This leonine hue, this invigorated sunrise, she is yolk.

Woman spills from her delicate fingers,

impolite yet forgiven as it falls.

She of 1000 clouds and velvet womb,

a mountain of compulsion.


a bolt                  of flesh                    silk

Sky Cat

The swoop and hoot

of keen-eyed darkness king

is precious obsidian weave


His swivelling ears perceive all things


The twitter and clicking of busy bee possums

fail not to enter him


He is everything

and deception

no worthy opponent


His calm is silent wing on full stroke, brushing sky


His message is crisp air

like rich food

it fills me


I am midnight breath expanded to meet his peering eye


His pounce is velvet

Death is life

The Egg


Next time you stand with an egg in your hand,

stop time and look.

Run your fingers over cool skin,

take in shape of the immaculate.

Hold it to your cheek, close your eyes, let it rest on your lips, taste it

Feel love clearly now.

When it comes time to crack the shell

tap with your ears,

and let the soft tapping in.

Let the sound of the shell cracking, resonate in your heart and in your soul.

Hear love’s words, do not miss a thing.

The message is for you.

Watch the contents fall,

into bowl or cup,

oh love,

the nourishing life source.

Do not sway from the moment,

this is your yellow and your soft white spilling.

Take time to revel in perfection.

See Love’s offering,

in pliable receptivity,

no regret,

in unbridled innocence.

With fingers or fork,

swirl through the centre of of pure consciousness,

meld the gold with clarity and feel unity enter you.

This moment is yours.

Create a dish of spectacular delight, each ingredient, singing!

Allow the harmony of  exquisite universe to bring light to your kitchen and your soul.

And when you place the culinary masterpiece onto table, spend a silver moment.

Connect with every being that stands here with you.

Give thanks to the world for participating in this meal,

from farmers to sun,

the wholesalers and the boy who cleaned the chicken coop.

Remember the man who fixed the tractor and the girl who sowed the seeds that fed the chickens.

Thank the hen who delivered the egg.

Spread your blessings and swim the LOVE that came to birth this moment.

The oxygen magnificent of All That Is,

the egg, the hand that held the egg.

And when food touches tongue,

know that without YOU this moment could never be.

Earth Owl


You meditate in a black cloak speckled soft with sun

your calm demeanor

comforts my eyes

your absorbent mind


emerald acquiescence

and gold

then you fly

through the dew

(mocking my sloth)

on little feet that make

no sound

I cannot deny,

you are here

and I believe in magic

Your Guts and Your Glitter


I love you


you green hide sea monsters!

deep diving, angel swimmers!

swift, shallow

water bug skimmers!

my adoration!

my  kisses are….

a smacking hallelujah!

You write or draw

with passion,

nerve deep

your feet are hurting

wanting to kick!

i see screaming and sighs

scrabbling to touch,

sometimes I throw down the page in disgust!

but i love you so much from the blood inside me

you magical beings, you sharp, angry beasts

alive and or dead you

are birthing your self


my conscious despair

in a world made of hell.

oh thank you for sharing

the bits I don’t say

your guts

and your glitter

fatten my day.

Escapee Tea


Have you ever caught the tea leaving the cup?

If the sun is right and you watch with your shoulders and knees

you will see….

Chai sat locked in a china chamber

pressed to blend with milk and honey,

I poured with my ears and nose, even toes!

a river of joy,

a splash of day,

captured in the scent….

and from that warm, small space,

neatly, within that sliver of time,

the tea took it’s leave!

A symphony of moist sparkle,

a steamy, playful leap of spicy gesticulation

chest first,

into the morning!

OH how I smiled as I watched it go…

DREAM Come true!



Thankyou to everyone who supported me and those that wanted to but didn’t!! 😉

We are now taking the next step toward a bright and sustainable future for all!

YES to Childhood empowerment and mainstream publication!!


Interrupting my normal scheduled poetry to ask a favour!

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My book idea is to bring empowerment through emotional awareness and emotional intelligence to the children of the world using creative activities and love centred workshops!

If I receive enough comments, likes and shares I step closer to this dream!


The sexy painting is to get your attention 😉

The Love Movement



Onward LOVE!

You passion

of storm

of seed

of sweet tremendous swell

of breast pressed fire chest!

You hot tornado

slung with heaven,

a bulging tempest of purple magnanimous explosion and thickly painted thrust!





soul spoken,





electricity VICTORIOUS!

Treat yourself to some spoken word> We Are Not Afraid by Thomas Keily 

Tango King


Suave breeze



a journeyman

a tango king…

Moving hands rest

split second

above lace,

gravity is his boy



Well…..flesh is warm as dimpled dough

Hot Bath


Winter’s eye

at frosted window chills,

taps, whistles and whines…..

but I

slip into hot skin,

feet first…

The prickle pleasure, tongue curling heat, enters me

toes call and stretch,

pink ears and nipples




This new world heaven

of wet fever

is deepest joy

my heart

my soul

my song,

moon slides these scarlet edges,

a venetian dream,

my flesh is dancing.