Nightingale Rapture

    She of female colour works a cherry path tripping rainbow wind and flaunting a song, the nightingale rapture… A bountiful traveller, her bowl swimming, a vagrant obstreperous kite. This leonine hue, this invigorated sunrise, she is yolk. Woman spills from her delicate fingers, impolite yet forgiven as it falls. She of 1000 clouds and velvet womb, aContinue reading “Nightingale Rapture”

Your Guts and Your Glitter

  I love you ALL you green hide sea monsters! deep diving, angel swimmers! swift, shallow water bug skimmers! my adoration! my  kisses are…. a smacking hallelujah! You write or draw with passion, nerve deep your feet are hurting wanting to kick! i see screaming and sighs scrabbling to touch, sometimes I throw down the pageContinue reading “Your Guts and Your Glitter”

DREAM Come true!

GUESS WHAT! WE WON!! Thankyou to everyone who supported me and those that wanted to but didn’t!! 😉 We are now taking the next step toward a bright and sustainable future for all! YES to Childhood empowerment and mainstream publication!! xxx Interrupting my normal scheduled poetry to ask a favour! My wonderful, valued friends, pleaseContinue reading “DREAM Come true!”

The Love Movement

    Onward LOVE! You passion of storm of seed of sweet tremendous swell of breast pressed fire chest! You hot tornado slung with heaven, a bulging tempest of purple magnanimous explosion and thickly painted thrust! OH LOVE, making, harnessing, keening, soul spoken, twisting, singing and weaving, electricity VICTORIOUS! Treat yourself to some spoken word> We Are Not AfraidContinue reading “The Love Movement”

Silver Poetry

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Unfettered BS

it is all just bullshit anyway.....


Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Post Scriptum Poets

Haikus Senryus and Tankas about anything and everything

InkBlots and IceBergs

musings on life | bits of psychology | attempts at poetry

This and That

In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


Scripting the desires that are soul deep

Cosmos Reflection

poetry that speaks to you

Africa Zwelibanzi

The Poetry Monarch.

Jeffrey Pillow

Life, death, and everything in between

Purple Haze

Darkness, delusion, smeared with a stick of butter and laughter. Words collide, they bring forth death!

The Lonely Author

Pain goes in, love comes out.

The Realm

well, come on in. bite. chew. spit.

SouL SpeakS

He started Writing, The paper started speaking...