Dinner For Two


Through the window,

an enigmatic shine powders the night,

a golden invitation


How can peeping Tom resist


Olive delivers her riches

from harbour to pan, spreading herself, in heated waves


Teaspoon scoops thick, dusty love,

a skin-coloured storm and more,

cumin, coriander seed, turmeric,



Onion performs a spicy show

then, crisp and firm, succumbs,

snuggles to the pan and melts in translucent pleasure



I de-seed the chili and lead it,

heart pumping

into the melee`.


Spirit flares,

raising hope in heart and house,

soaring on wings of wicked glow


Desiccation of cauliflower brain follows, yielding with ease

and fat pumpkin, plucked from under mother’s umbrella,

cubes of sun, a makeshift pyramid.


A sliding jamboree from chopping block to pot!

Eden is smiling!

What next?


Top shelf holds such to make the muscle butter,

Burgundy beckoning laughter,

wishing for breath


Curry tells a story now,

cells are belly dancing a sexy, hookah evening.

The king is eyeing folds and flesh,

salivating, preparing to devour


My reverant fingers caress garlic,

peeling in slight, gentleness

but then, in a balanced contradiction,

strong wrists step in and crush,

a pungent opera accosts my heart and brings me to my toes


Fresh herbs flutter,

secret green feathers to make this night fly

and chic peas pour like soft marbles

to explore the wild sea


Rice a constant soul,

absorbs pins of dark matter,

essence of clove,

oil and water, direct from the mouths of god


My hands slide cool,

the viridian phallus,

stripping to reveal full cucumber flesh bursting with life,

eager to slide into cream yoghurt treat


Now banana joins the orgy, so frivolous and sweet,

attracts my female gaze.

I remove the thick, moon skin

and it weakens to me,

an enchanted smile,

doused in coconut snow


Clarity invites a red kiss

and so it begins




39 thoughts on “Dinner For Two”

  1. LOL I am cooking supper, basil and garlic included so it smells lovely, as I read this, and suddenly I’m looking at everything through ‘fresh’ eyes…lol So awesome!


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