You May Find


Deep inside,

if you choose to look,

you may find;

an early bird

a whirling dervish

a dark eyed lush

a smoke signal

a stalagmite

a Phoenix

a blue moon

a maypole

a boat

a poppy seed

a mountain path

a bodhisattva

an arterial spring

a concept

an apple

a broiling sea

an ache

a wish

a lion

a dictionary

a laugh

a frog

an egg

a melody

a paintbrush

a temptation

a prayer

a rosebud

a fight

and a rocking chair


30 thoughts on “You May Find”

      1. I have an emotional Intelligence book, self-published, ‘I AM Inspiration!’ and I am compiling the poetry for a little book The Ivory Elephant…actually there are two in the making there….


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