You May Find


Deep inside,

if you choose to look,

you may find;

an early bird

a whirling dervish

a dark eyed lush

a smoke signal

a stalagmite

a Phoenix

a blue moon

a maypole

a boat

a poppy seed

a mountain path

a bodhisattva

an arterial spring

a concept

an apple

a broiling sea

an ache

a wish

a lion

a dictionary

a laugh

a frog

an egg

a melody

a paintbrush

a temptation

a prayer

a rosebud

a fight

and a rocking chair


30 thoughts on “You May Find”

      1. I have an emotional Intelligence book, self-published, ‘I AM Inspiration!’ and I am compiling the poetry for a little book The Ivory Elephant…actually there are two in the making there….


  1. Beautiful. Takes me onto my childhood swing underneath the apple blossom, listening to droning bees and smelling the dark rich earth of my fathers garden. Yummy. x


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