Under The Sea



I think we live under water,

suspended in muffled moisture,

hanging like invisible tears.

I think we envy the octopus, her eight intelligent arms

and the seahorse his marvellous paternity!

I think we live here, in life’s womb,


swimming endlessly toward angel fish,

waiting for the undercurrent to touch us,

our naked skin,

tasting of salt.



40 thoughts on “Under The Sea”

  1. This has a lovely current that gently pulls the reader along. This makes me want to head to the beach tomorrow morning, or climb into the bath tub now and pretend I’m a mermaid. I love how this reminds us we all emerged from the ocean, as all life has. But the ocean is also a place of deep mystery, and that — I think — is what makes this piece so evocative.


    1. This is a very special compliment. this poem has had the effect I desired for others, you describe the feelings I had as it came through, I think there are a thousand poems in the sea… 🙂


      1. Eight children and you haven’t mentioned that in your list of 7 things about you?! I stand in awe. I’ll try to think of octopus (octopi) more kindly from now on, try to envision their nurturing side!


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