DREAM Come true!



Thankyou to everyone who supported me and those that wanted to but didn’t!! 😉

We are now taking the next step toward a bright and sustainable future for all!

YES to Childhood empowerment and mainstream publication!!


Interrupting my normal scheduled poetry to ask a favour!

My wonderful, valued friends, please pop over on this Facebook link if you can,

to help a life-long dream of mine be realised!!

I have an opportunity to win a publishing contract with Hay House!

My book idea is to bring empowerment through emotional awareness and emotional intelligence to the children of the world using creative activities and love centred workshops!

If I receive enough comments, likes and shares I step closer to this dream!


The sexy painting is to get your attention 😉

52 thoughts on “DREAM Come true!”

      1. ‘I’ am on it…but ‘Lady Day’ is not…’I’ hate it and barely go on it..my best friends are not online people…so it is family and more distant friends..I keep my group very small and private, and even then…don’t really want everyone knowing my business..hate when someone who couldn’t call me, asks my mom if I’m ok because they haven’t heard or seen me on facebook..lol. ‘Lady Day’ will no doubt not care if she blabs away on there…especially for a good cause:)


      2. oh I SO understand… the false connection reeks of manipulation, truly see where you are coming from. It has it’s positives though 🙂
        I watched ‘One Born Every Minute’ the american version the other night and the child (17) was posting updates on Facebook when she was fully dilated!!!!!! oh my…she was obviously hooked up to an epidural …


      3. this weekend is all but over! now your on Facebook go to the I AM For Kids page (in the side bar here) and you can read about my naughty teenagers last night! its a few posts in…grrrr but i LOVE them sooo much


    1. Thanks me too! If i win I get to attend the writer’s workshop and then they choose one or two from the group to guide through and into a publishing contract… My dreams are big but achievable! x


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