Escapee Tea


Have you ever caught the tea leaving the cup?

If the sun is right and you watch with your shoulders and knees

you will see….

Chai sat locked in a china chamber

pressed to blend with milk and honey,

I poured with my ears and nose, even toes!

a river of joy,

a splash of day,

captured in the scent….

and from that warm, small space,

neatly, within that sliver of time,

the tea took it’s leave!

A symphony of moist sparkle,

a steamy, playful leap of spicy gesticulation

chest first,

into the morning!

OH how I smiled as I watched it go…

41 thoughts on “Escapee Tea”

      1. lol…oh dear! Funny…no spilling it…hmmmm, think I’ll go make some right now! Hope you’re well Arna.


  1. This is one of my favourites.

    I see the tea ceremony; the revential pouring; the light and the luminscence of the tea.

    This is a fantastic poem. Just superb!


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