Your Guts and Your Glitter


I love you


you green hide sea monsters!

deep diving, angel swimmers!

swift, shallow

water bug skimmers!

my adoration!

my  kisses are….

a smacking hallelujah!

You write or draw

with passion,

nerve deep

your feet are hurting

wanting to kick!

i see screaming and sighs

scrabbling to touch,

sometimes I throw down the page in disgust!

but i love you so much from the blood inside me

you magical beings, you sharp, angry beasts

alive and or dead you

are birthing your self


my conscious despair

in a world made of hell.

oh thank you for sharing

the bits I don’t say

your guts

and your glitter

fatten my day.

34 thoughts on “Your Guts and Your Glitter”

      1. the ego is a fine and feathered friend of the artist… i am sort of expecting someone to go… I AM NOT SHALLOW! or ‘which of MY pages did you throw down in disgust?… lol its all about me anyway!


      2. ‘Someone’ quite specifically?…I think it is…about me, about you, about them, inspired, talking to you, not talking to you, no you’re not my muse, yes you are my muse…lol. Blah Blah…very complicated human interaction this art stuff…This was lovely! If someone walks away…they were never really a true artist, to see through the odd harsh lines.


      3. not specific….. oh i don’t mind 😉 humans do seem to complicate relationships….maybe if we simplified it all understood ourselves better our relationships would flow with more ease and grace!


  1. I love how the art comes alive here and gives the artist life (guts and glitter). I also like the sound of this, and I’m sure it will be wonderful when you read it aloud. It has a fun, spunky charm with the end rhymes and the conversational tone. Love it!


    1. Thankyou, I needed a little bit of encouragement about the performance…was tossing up about the choice of poem…but I think this one will work, so, enthused by your words I will go with it!


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