Sky Cat

The swoop and hoot

of keen-eyed darkness king

is precious obsidian weave


His swivelling ears perceive all things


The twitter and clicking of busy bee possums

fail not to enter him


He is everything

and deception

no worthy opponent


His calm is silent wing on full stroke, brushing sky


His message is crisp air

like rich food

it fills me


I am midnight breath expanded to meet his peering eye


His pounce is velvet

Death is life


24 thoughts on “Sky Cat”

    1. it feels like a beautiful death to me…although i guess the little mouse would have a different opinion πŸ™‚ but on a metaphoric note, the owl is me and god and life so all pouncing becomes part of the energy of consciousness…..


  1. Always wondered on a literal note what it feels like at that moment of capture…talons dug deep and inescapeably gripping, lifted off the ground, and ripped apart…yep, I’m that morbid…lol. Poor little delicacy.This was a brilliant piece.


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