Green Shoots Unseen


AH such keen thrill

to this cold,

this ice in my bones

I run through the house naked

a flying queen in snow cloak

to stand skin first

pressed against fire

I squeal with

life biting


sucks me closer….

Like old love

yesterday moments that should remain buried

but are not quite dead

and bitterness that masks rusty pain

that masks desire

that masks yearning

love of self…

a winter growth, green shoots, un seen.

BUT for now I lay him underneath the coals

and raise my arms in supplication

to my god

of fire, skin and soul


35 thoughts on “Green Shoots Unseen”

  1. What an abstract you’ve painted and coupled with an image here…still pondering this one…it has a ribbon through it that throws me off a tad…more serious than your usual playful writes. xo


    1. yes…a girl i know in the local are just published a book and the main character was based on a man I have known for 20 years and was a very intense part of my life for a little while…so the bite of the cold and the bite of the past seemed to hit at the same time…. i think there is more poetry to write on the topic!


  2. You are pure awesome, and don’t ever let yourself (or anyone else) trick you into thinking otherwise. Besides, you look delectable flitting around in nothing but that snow-queen cloak. 🙂


  3. Wh-Wh-H-How do you come up with such imaginative posts? No offence, but I think I had better stop reading your blog Ms. Silver Poetry, cuz I believe I am falling in love – with your writing style…Second thoughts, I think I had better keep reading until the end of time – just to be sure!


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