Sweet Me



Finding the sweet me

is a forever journey

a soul trip

to inner space

amongst the mist

worlds that

exist ed

before I could think

When my heart was  jupiter

and you my mother

my father

my feathered gods that

swung me left and right

up up

missing the fan blades

instilling a grounded earthly love

for something

blue and green

a painterly  lean

a thick  plastering of sensational life

I flew the roads and climbed the mountainous peaks

dancing the backs of cashmere  goats

I have breathed shallow on the arsenicum ridges

been plaintive in my call

but strength becomes me now

and oceans float my

salty toes

to shore

Finding the


in the folds of satin ink

amongst wildflowers and faces

a journey


and incomplete

43 thoughts on “Sweet Me”

  1. Sweet? Yes! The great thing about poetry is the interpretation that can be orchestrated by its readership. My interpretation, and you may shake your haea at me if I am so wrong…is seagulls! Or maybe an albtraoss…a sea bird let us say…arrrr me harties!


      1. THANK you friend ~thank you for your kindness and beautiful soul that seeps out in your unforgettable poetry! I humbly accept ~ Always your follower & faithful friend ~Deborah


  2. Oh your words are just like sweet honey! What delight! I love the sweet movement of the words you write here. The “sweet me”…it has me thinking about my own “sweet me.” Mine too is a “journey pink and incomplete!” Thank you for sharing. Love to you and your words and your heart! Lisa


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