Sweet-Skin Child



I offer my cup to you,



sweet-skin child

woman not quite.

I stroke your mind



encouraging in their colour.

Your hopeful eyes

hardly blink.

Your body tips forward

floating flowers fill your ears,

l o v e yourself l o v e yourself l o v e yourself

My mother thumbs

gently mould,

I can see


Wings sail your soul and your glory a spray of ultra marine

my palms and heart are clean,

my mind a pillow for your fear.

Take your silver coin

my darling,

ride the light be free.



Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

42 thoughts on “Sweet-Skin Child

  1. this is sooo beautiful…it’s hit a spot, really has!! “RIDE THE LIGHT BE FREE” – absolutely beautiful line. thank you for this. God bless & lots of love always…


    1. Thankyou, I feel blessed to have my girls..only two out of eight! I was thinking and feeling even more broadly as a 40 year old mother finding myself talking to little girls, teenagers and even in their twenties < , so much compassion, remembering myself my naiveté and wanting them too realise how beautiful they are NOW not have to grow and grow and twenty years on look back and go 'i was so beautiful and doing exactly the right thing for me at the time!


  2. This is such a perfect description of motherhood. The sacrifices and worries…the triumphs and the wonder involved in helping someone be who they will be. I imagine you to be one heck of a fantastic mother.


    1. My love is deep. I have become a better and better mother as the years have gone by. Always had good intentions though, even when I was a flighty child mother in the beginning, and I think the good intentions and passion probably helps balance out my tantrums and confusion 🙂 I can tell that you are a wonderful mummy xx


      1. You are one of those people who just exude love. 🙂 I was telling a friend about your blog shortly after I found it, and that was what I told him. “I found this wonderful poetry blog, and the lady that writes it seems to exude love”…lol. Everything else is just secondary.


      2. Well years of seeking and actively addressing the parts of me that are less than loving is getting me closer and closer and more and more connected to the truth…as I see it, that we are at the very core only love! x


  3. I especially like the sip/sip.

    That made me think of birds in flight alighting at a bath.

    You write lovely lovely verse.


  4. Now I shall think of this when I see a parent allowing their child to be confident in their own selves. To often, I see parents who try to make their children copies of themselves. Excellent work Silver.


  5. Yes, the images are so rich and so potent. It was as if you took a deep breath before each line and let out a sigh so deep and filled with meaning. The verses are enough and yet they are only a small container of what you could possibly have meant. 😉


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