listen to the glisten

at the edges of the mouth

with a tip of the hat

spy the twist

of the lips

and the words

on the tongue

note the warmth in the wet

slide the lines

on the page

turn the corners

of the look

on the side of the eye

and a glance or a shift

of perspective

and light

at the window

of mind

under wraps is a glow

like a worm

in an apple

in a cloak

i n c o g n i t o

A lie is a lie no matter how small if it sits on the heart

keeping people apart

and the pain

is a dream

bare the light

breaking in

to the night

peeling back

from the fruit

or the fright.

Revel in your truth, be proud of your fleece

let the flowers in your mouth

fall soft on your feet

wipe the dust off your knees and blow old off your book

be the queen of the universe

and king of your nook.

35 thoughts on “Incognito”

  1. I wish it was possible to hit “like” more than once. This is amazing. “Listen to the glisten” made me swoon a bit. 😉

    I hope to take the advice in this poem someday. 🙂


      1. Hehe…that works. I thought you were going to tell me I have to do the whispering. Unfortunately, I don’t have much credibility with myself. 😉


  2. and will be keeping the name Lady Day..but resting it a while, as I’m feeling less Day and more blah these days. Too much going on to be so daylight, she will return no doubt though xo


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