Falling Open



A question

spreads in me,

turning keys

and slipping locks.

Molten steel whips my spirit

in long lines of burning rush.

Inexplicably it rivers lava through my obstinate reality

sliding bolts and throwing open doors.

Sashes hit the walls

and sprays of light enter me

like water to the floor


in thick crystal sheets

washing me out.


a bright orange flash of spirited sexuality

and I am returned to colour.

29 thoughts on “Falling Open”

  1. Sounds like quite the epiphany! I don’t know that I have ever had an orange flash of sexuality, spiritual or otherwise. But, you…open, flashing, colorful woman…make it riveting. As always.

    I am assuming, then, that the initial question was answered? 😉


    1. it is in the process of being answered I think! I thought everyone had had the intense experience of one particular person igniting flames unbearable…but it seems what i am taking about is not so common…. I want to bring the awesomeness of that previous encounter into my NOW and am seeking an understanding of that amazing energy, trying to find where it comes from etc…. thats the poem, just a lick of what I am exploring ! x


      1. What seems like a zillion years ago, I met a woman who did that to me. It didn’t work out…there was entirely too much in the way. Years passed…we both had other relationships, and I entered my first one with a man, even…lol. Shortly before my son was born, his dad…well, I am not really sure what happened. He decided it wasn’t for him, I guess. And that girl from a zillion years ago? I married her in February. 😉

        So, I guess I HAVE had the orange spark of sexuality. Except maybe mine is more purple (LOL), and so very much a part of the last 13 or so years that I had ceased to notice it.


      2. haha THAT girl! good on you . I have had the spark with both a man and a woman, but the man was so intense as to be a drive for me to understand now what the energy actually is… everything else about him was not right… so it can’t be about him as a person…whereas yours sounds like it might be person related 😉


      3. Maybe so. You are searching for an essence, then. I hope you find it, in whatever form it chooses to manifest itself.

        I know that I have felt really odd connections with strangers. Even just passing someone on the street. A startled moment of “OH! I know you!” and then we carry on our way without a word. Not the same thing, exactly. But I do wonder about the random essences I encounter.


    1. hahaha! i worked out how to do it without getting pregnant thankfully! I am into discovering all about IT on a deeper more colourful and flowing/connected level so VERY perceptive of you x


  2. I especially like the way you bring the colour back in through “a bright orange flash of spirited sexuality.” That line alone took this poem to another level of sophistication and lucidity.


  3. Spectacular. Sends me pondering life and love… Your words of turning keys and slipping locks, and later ‘sliding bolts and throwing open doors’ is so evocative. An incredibly passionate piece of work. I love it. Thank you! 🙂


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