Lions and Rockets



There is noise in this house,

my mind

extreme roaring like

lions and rockets

it brandishes its false bravado across the valley

and loses me

branch to branch like a monkey

the external being is neatly fooled

by stimulants,

touch and wine

by a bouncing, noisy love that

travels, wrapped in blankets

huddled in big eyes

dancing across smiles and swinging

hand to hand on frightened squeals

this morning the band

is set to screamer

when I would sincerely

prefer Vivaldi




28 thoughts on “Lions and Rockets”

  1. There are so few poets whose work I love, where I know before reading that I will love what is waiting. I so love your poetry. Thank you for writing. I don’t say enough how much I love each one. Your poetry belongs on the walls of museums.



  2. There is always noise in my head, and today…not much has been able to distract me from it. Those big eyed huddlers sure can make a racket, too. Mine has driven me stark raving mad today, and I am uncharacteristically glad to have him in bed. 😉

    *clinking my glass of red stimulants against yours*

    I agree with addpresence. I wait ever so patiently for a new poem for you, and know in advance that I am going to absolutely love it. Devour it, even. Thank you for the fix.


    1. had to hold off on the red at dawn 🙂 …although….. instead we went crazy on the town, bought second hand train sets and smoothies . flew to heaven on the swings, cowered from big yellow dogs and straggled across the busy streets! definietl had enough now and am watching evening smoothly roll toward me with the offer of a warm red and a cool pillow.
      I am glad you like my poems they seek mind homes exactly like yours x


  3. Ah, I really wanted to say something positive about this piece – apparently though my mind is unable to fathom a known word to describe the unique joyful feeling that this poem caused within me. Very nice 😀


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