Alice Knew


The microcosmos



Alice knew…..

one thought led UP and another d




we can travel the heliosphere looking for god

or we can turn inward

and over

like a leaf

and find it

in the cell

of the heart or the atom of thought…..

The sun is a ray of smile

do you know this?

Do you KNOW that war is yours?

that death is mine?

That the birth is light force

coming into being, releasing itself into captivity!


it is all happening……

it is over

it all happened in the moment of time interminable ….

the contradiction is gentle yet FIERCE,

the solar system turns like cold fire within me

the poem is written, one word per star

and YES

you can read it in the lines of your palm.




Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

38 thoughts on “Alice Knew

  1. This is amazing, both poetry and painting. I resonate with this poem, even if I hadn’t read it… It speaks volumes in frequencies heard all over our Universe. Love it!


  2. One of the things I always appreciate in your poetry is the sense that there are no boundaries or restrictions, that everything is happening and that words are not merely symbols they are moving symbols, almost like mimes.

    When you write

    Do you KNOW that war is yours?

    that death is mine?

    I find this a particularly shocking call and response. Shocking in the best way possible because you are making us engage with activity and not allowing us to hold back from action, from what is happening. I absolutely love that. It takes the poem off of the page and makes what I am reading feel like the placing of some divine responsibility on my shoulders.

    If all of this sounds a little histrionic it is only because I am trying my best to say what I mean.

    And the painting is indeed stunning. I always enjoy your artwork. Always.


    1. I think histrionics get a bit of a bad rap! the energy that supports hysteria or melodrama is unrefined poetry 😉
      I love your words you help me understand more of who I am as a writer… When I write this stuff I do not think at first, so much of it flows from my subconscious…i get a bit of a look at what lies beneath! I do go on to refine it and I think as I do so I am quite excited about the universal, philosophical possibilities that humans get to enjoy! Thankyou so much Jeremy for commenting andnin such beautiful depth xxx


  3. Random side note: I have often wondered if scientists called the atom the atom to poke a little fun. Adam. Atom. 🙂

    Being of the microcosmos camp myself, I feel this down to my toes. In my bones. Especially in my heart. When I was a kid, I thought God looked like a puppet I had seen on TV. I used to picture this weird looking puppet floating through the air, doing…well, nothing really. Just being. To my 4 year old mind, it already seemed improbable. Impossible. Envisioning that awful puppet didn’t help, but I’m glad I did. I wasn’t made in the likeness of a puppet. I am genetics and energy and evolution.

    However, I do still believe there are elves in the woods and monsters in my shed, so *shrug*.

    I love you for putting this out there. The language you use and the perfect way in which you use it.



      puppet….well with the conscious aspect of self lying dormant god becomes nothing more than a puppet …and we the puppet master…not the other way around… when I am conscious there is no separation between ‘god’ and myself…. there is one god and it encompasses all that is it expresses everything and it revels in pantomime!
      When I was little god was big eyes…i remember looking up at a huge blue sky and thinking god watched….then the next day looking up and feeling like I was in a ballon or under a dome…which felt sort of not real…


      1. And God split an Adam. Yes.
        I also think God is all things, but not in the traditional sense of course. The universe is what rules us. We are as we are because it is as it is. I don’t want to be an ant in an ant farm. I want to be a free ant.

        Running off to check out that poem. 🙂


      2. I am painting lots of birds at the moment…and women…the queen of the birds or lady….hmmm and I think I am exploring ultimate freedom whilst inside a construct…


  4. Your poems inspire me to think and write in flow and beauty. You are the perfect read before I try to compose. Thank you. This one especially spoke to me – the “we can turn inward” part.:)


  5. This is why we read poetry – for your spell binding sensations and ravishing display of colors, flavors and ideologies that contradict our lives, concern our hearts, collapse our realities and leave us feeling contented. The image beneath the piece of written writing too is one that which could only ever be described as shockingly beautiful and unfathomably intriguing. Very, very great!


  6. Gorgeous painting for a gorgeous poem. I like how the poem swerves left and right but no dizziness results from it because your hand is so confident and sure.
    Yes indeed always a pleasure to read!


  7. Reblogged this on The Sand County and commented:
    I not only love this poem, but I am very taken with the painting accompanying it. I have been meaning to share this poem for days.


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