Talk of Dragons


There is talk of dragons


flocking through the sky’s

of yesteryear

and now

their tails flash serpentine,

flickering sapphire gliders…

these dragons

set in stone

following notes

they are music,

made in Indian trees

of China paper

billowing with shine,

fecund with intergalactic knowledge!

Dragon rainbows,

kissing ocre

and wallowing in bottomless green,

firing deep red heat into Australian earth.

Flying snakes of amber and Lapis,

hear me

channel me clear,

path sweet pink,

wash the mothers walls

open the doors and

slide through

to drink from her winding fountain.

I beseech you,



w o r d

and flick raw sugar

from that crystal tipped tongue!




20 thoughts on “Talk of Dragons”

  1. Oh my. This is beauty-full. 🙂

    “flick raw sugar
    from that crystal-tipped tongue” (!!!!!!)

    That finishing line is pure perfection. As is the rest of it. *could die happy sigh*


  2. Wow! So many dazzling lines! The rhymes and the rhythm and the ideas that are conveyed besiege you as you read. There are just too many to count! So utterly amazing! Brought a smile to my face just reading this.


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