An allegro of angel breath

at midnight,

a tall door in Morocco


h i s eyes and dragonflies….

The mosque of Istanbul,

silently moving glaciers

in another world.

And the ribbon

that folds

in stretches of silken tongue

from spirit mouth

to land,

an elegant progression….

a cantata of promise….

a jelly bean of surprise!





38 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. Cantata of promise is nice! And I have had those jelly beans that come in a million different flavors, which have surprised my tongue!


  2. That jellybean IS a surprise. That is one of the things I love most about your writing. There is always something popping out at me when I least expect it. You are simply lovely. 🙂


    1. the jelly bean is the best bit of that poem… i think it needs work actually but i’ll let it be and go and have a birthday instead…more surprises for me! Thankyou for your sweet compliments ..the leo in me purrs!


      1. i think it is one thing you definitely NEED experience for 😉 I have had a wonderful weekend and have received all birthday wishes with the literal and awesome intention they were given so am full of gold!


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