Delicate Glass



fine water

a lucid glass

a delicate touch

scented crystal

one tear

one diamond perfume curl of

clear lavender


sheer, soft,

in my hand

sweet mound



tiny boulders

lucid ……….pure

lu m i n o u s




43 thoughts on “Delicate Glass”

  1. Wonderful! Diamond perfume curls and all. Jude would have to agree with you. The child is awesome at sandbox time…has even tasted it a few times. The verdict? “Tastes like broken teeth aaaaand maybe, uuum, the way a monster’s breath smells when he eats bark.”


  2. He definitely comes out with some gems. He told me just this morning that he “loves me the most in the whoooole world” and I replied that I loved HIM the most, too. He then said “I wish hearts would come out. When Toopy kisses Binoo hearts come out. That means love.” SO cute.

    As for the poems, they are swirling, whirling and vibrating in the air, and I can’t seem to catch them.


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