Ever Spreading Feathers



my samson

my delilah


my eros

my aphrodite

i flew i flew

over shingle slate and thatch

ever spreading feathers

flexing on the wind

catching moonlight

and rainbow prisms

snaking trails of sun


the colour of warm flesh


the smell of bread


the taste of sea

manifesting me




20 thoughts on “Ever Spreading Feathers”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Samson, Delila, Eros and Aphrodite. I love the mixture of Bible and mythology.

    Now I am craving bread, and I have sworn off the stuff. At this very moment, though, I suspect I might be missing out. 😉


    1. A little itty bit of bread never hurt a soul… its just when we have to eat the entire inside of the crusty loaf before we even get home from the bakery that causes the problems!
      …its ALL MYTHOLOGY!!!!


      1. Omg. Not going to argue with you there. Samson is pretty cool…wrestling those lions. Aphrodite and Eros are cooler, though. And don’t even get me started on Dionysus. 😉

        Also, I ate way too much bread. And pasta. And crackers. Now it’s all a treat, and I like it all the better for it.


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