Every Star

  There is no outside. I have said these words before but I am a balloon the truth is in the sun and in the moon I AM the centre of a star every star do not deny it read on YOU, I  AM in the odours and the plastic and the flesh that risesContinue reading “Every Star”

Sunlight Dreaming

  fading purple flowers lie softly plush stitching old old knees and infant fingers s t r e t c h i n g in jagged space to smooth incongruous cheeks like paper drawn with lines and finely etched madness in eyes too full of sunlight dreaming                Continue reading “Sunlight Dreaming”

Nowhere Man

  the inky swirling curling cracking paper white braided silver beard booming tone required a warsome bloody statement a pompous fretful poem the speckled chaos counting dimensions un K NOW n footprints in the sand stacks of golden thrones lots of weight behind the blind….. Nowhere man floats home.            Continue reading “Nowhere Man”

Intimate War

  desperate fleshly brush with fists and feet need this intimate lick of chi too close in the fight in the ring flames love loving them to the floor press against the energy red in the thigh arms that hold the thrill of bulging tempestuous control the moment of release as I succumb and tapContinue reading “Intimate War”

The Fish’s Sword

  190 nautical miles north of radiant coast flying like hope in the creamy wash… an incident sweet indeed a serious wounding translucent and blue he fell blood letting deep in the knee a thankful penetration a guilt easing gift he fell on the fish tripping tripping stupid fishing man tripping to the whirring ofContinue reading “The Fish’s Sword”

I Exuderous!

  heart pump is bouncing poetical plee climbing the sky flying the tree giving forth in the oneness expelling the words a cluster of peace a treaty of pearls plucked from deep ocean in side shining love-barnacles traded for wine the glass is transparent unique crystal cut the pouring is warm the toes are a flushContinue reading “I Exuderous!”

Bubble Wrap

    No bubble wrap here only mud iceblock sticks and footprints on the car. long orange ropes curled ready to strike! And boards skating myriad plastic joy…. towels on the lawn and bubbles in the sky taps on full in fluent wasteful race! Here? not much disinfectant but rivers of tears and bloody scabsContinue reading “Bubble Wrap”

Ardent LOVE

    Ardent love courses through me like a blind deluge of ecstasy…. Avidly I open my mouth to be cleansed It is ASTONISHING this arresting blaze, of universe that shows no mercy to me a cotton candy vessel David’s still form towers in soft stone being beautiful Dashing, Daring, Delicious, Divine, This representation ofContinue reading “Ardent LOVE”

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