Ardent LOVE



Ardent love

courses through me like a blind

deluge of ecstasy….

Avidly I open my mouth to be cleansed


this arresting blaze,

of universe that shows no mercy to me

a cotton candy vessel

David’s still form


in soft stone

being beautiful





This representation of the most earthly dense thing

imbued with the melody of art

Engages me

Enticing the extra


the destined brilliance

of earth spirit balance

my face is a bewildered smile

of trancelike



over leaf

over heals

the messages all lie

in the sky

on pluto’s moons

and inside ice

Haunting me

moving me

shaking and twisting me

This passion is innocent

in its awakened state

I AM Intrigued by colour

I am enthralled by thoughts of soul.

28 thoughts on “Ardent LOVE”

  1. Gives me chills – that’s how much impact your words had. Thank you!
    Absolutely brilliant. Love the painting – perfect representation. 🙂


  2. You ARE dashing, daring, delicious and divine. A deep, delicate, distinct, doll-faced dream. And, still the swirls. 🙂

    I suspect this may be my very favorite of all of your paintings, but then I will see the next and the next…


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