Bubble Wrap



No bubble wrap here

only mud

iceblock sticks

and footprints on the car.





ready to strike!

And boards skating

myriad plastic joy….

towels on the lawn and bubbles in the sky

taps on full

in fluent wasteful race!


not much disinfectant

but rivers of tears

and bloody scabs peeled with glee!

My fleshly birds are dancing free

with smiles

that crack earth

or make it rain!

No cotton wool balls

except the kind to plug your ears

and stuff of crafty fun,

depending on the need…..

Ahh nope,

no bubble wrap here

but an occasion for



to the sound

of natures fecund tune!


23 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap”

  1. Whatever happened to the days when Adventure Playgrounds were the place to be and hanging upside down from a climbing frame was a moment of reflective freedom sought after with glee?


    1. I don’t know but i think we must have missed the memo here…. My 12 yr old daughter was hanging upside down just yesterday , slapping at horseflies!!! oh i would have helped her but i was laughing soooo hard!


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