I Make You Move


I am silk on my

pretty bicycle

red wings and fearlessness

I am a brazen bee

flying heart first

and chanting

my fingers pass like spirit


teasing lips

a fay cast with cherry juice joy

I live in the mind of all things

I make you move.





23 thoughts on “I Make You Move”

      1. I dunno if that’s really true. Although sometimes you go through the words waiting for that magical thing to spring up in front of you, more’s the pleasure when it does.


  1. The imagery and the scenery transcribed from such words develops a very sunny, happy piece of poetry that manifests the taste of something truly sweet and the tranquil idea of summer. Or perhaps the words are reminiscent of spring? Ponder deeply on this I will. Very nice poem!


    1. 😉 xxxxxxxx actually you reminded me right now to stick my chest out and say Y E S to life…sometimes my eyes burn with the bigness of it all and the smallness… hmmm smallness… stay tuned sweetHEART


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