Snakes Teeth


I think fear,

as sharp as snakes teeth

black head weaving

I think sex,

thick twining thoughts

I think creation

desperate concepts

that one cannot resist

I think healing




in my dreams

under me

my darkness resolving




I choose not to resist.

23 thoughts on “Snakes Teeth”

    1. Thanks Don and the more I think about it the more about healing this poem is… i wasn’t sure as I wrote beau cause it came from a dream I had had that night… but now I see and it is largely thanks to the comments and interpretations from my friends here!


  1. Just by chance, I was listening to Savage Garden’s Break Me, Shake Me while reading this. It provided a backdrop, but your words, and I daresay your voice, took center stage. I love the bursts of thought in the strong, well-placed, well-chosen words and how you have stamped this with an unmistakable character towards the end.


      1. it all came from a dream…. it was born in a dream .. but i am also really exploring the snake in my world and imagination at the moment. We found one in the wall yesterday actually a beautiful python, sleeping peacefully while we renovated!


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