Indigo Chariots



it is an unlikely animation

a milky cartoon

free seeming


secured by


connected to indigo chariots

the colour

not the speed

provided by snails or gods

you know,


glowing shells


remember please

we are more than shell


we are the red gold life that flourishes in coral and floats

bouyed on salt


and squealing

we are fertility

coating the sun and disappearing











26 thoughts on “Indigo Chariots”

    1. yes, the female IS and on a deeper note that we are all more than a body and on that level of thinking are free of all the constructs that are connected or because of our body… we are a mind …of universal proportions!


  1. You have such an instinctive approach to poetry that’s so inspiring, you seem to have found the bridge between knowing and feeling and I’m always happy to cross it too when I read your poems.


    1. oh thank you, a very interesting way of putting it … i do feel sort of like I know what I am talking about based on the feeling I am having as I write but when I put my human mind back in and read the poetry I have to smile at the illogical nature of it all… x


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