Feed Me




laced with ginger

seasoned with touch


a particular sensation

a wordy specimen

a salty feeling

extracts my sea, refining a musical plea to excite and behold


excellent human

discernible beauty

even though the water may be brackish

and the milk sometimes tasting of Garlic

I love you

to hang here

to perceive


to partake

to enjoy

natures circular bounty

a grain on your tongue is a star in my mind

almost too bright to behold in the mouth or otherwise

I am inclined to grasp

to wallop in a gobular smackering of appreciation



in exchange for bread and insight

my leaning is toward

thick energy

I easily undergo persuasion

apprehension is only a sensation

I suffer and bask in acute suggestion

I am lazing

in the hammock of digestion

in your




24 thoughts on “Feed Me”

  1. “My leaning is toward thick energy”. Ha! That’s perfect! You kill me…
    you know, I think you could find that huge audience for your (visual) art in the hip-hop world – it’s reminiscent (but not derivetive of) the most sophisticated spray paint murals. Like, send it to the labels in Atanta, Georgia as proposed CD cover art.
    Just a thought…


    1. That is a GOOD thought, Its so funny imagine me a 40 yr old aussie mum of eight becoming hiphop cover artist! haha its a wonderful juxtaposition! but i like to follow all prompts so thank you, beautiful Claire!


    1. I actually went searching for you the other day…scrolled back through posts trying to find you , thought I had but your page didn’t show up for me….i thought ahhh well she’ll flutterby again someday 🙂 and here you are my sweet friend from faraway


      1. I have not been on my computer much lately. The past 2 weeks, I was travelling…and about halfway through my adventure, I realized I hadn’t checked your blog in ages. Got home yesterday, and wandered over here as soon as I was able. 🙂 As always, I am glad I did.


    1. I had a dream about louisiana the other night (i’ve always wanted to visit that area) and in it there were all these little babies running around with tshirts that said ‘Lyle Loves ME’ lyle is a wonderful male midwife who delivered my first daughter. the mind is a marvellous thing, if a bit abstract at times!


      1. Interesting that you were dreaming of that place…of all places. It’s gorgeous, and colourful, and full of character. Perhaps your first daughter was a Louisiana native in a past life. Or maybe, while looking for me, you found me in your subconscious instead. 😉

        Either way, you should go. I think you’d love it there.


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