Trusting Gravity


relying on grave thoughts to keep us grounded

is a fault

a bug

a burden

(read the fine print)

it was a blunder


(tie those laces)


a mis-read

a miss take

and now

glass bottomed


dig shapes

in the grass

and  the chi is HIGH (in my face)

too high,

filling the mind like

water in the bowl

the fish are


but awareness

is a potion

a lime tinged tonic

it soothes knotted veins

causing vision and cells

to soften

and swell

osmotic rebalancing occurs

my balloon floats free and I release my kite to the wind



31 thoughts on “Trusting Gravity”

  1. i’m basing this off of what I know. I can sense the loss here and then there is the in between of absorbing it. at the end, there is that release of what was burdened upon oneself. that letting go isn’t just letting go – it’s the trust in the gravity that makes it omnipotent where we all will go one day.


      1. ( smile ) I usually read the poems – but I really like your art. I studied Kung Fu for about 15 years, but had to retire when I had a hip replaced.

        What style do you study?


      2. wow Kung Fu… Hapkido my main love have been studying for about 7 years and TaiKwondo, I started about 6 months ago…. I plan on playing around with a bit of Judo as well in the near future!


  2. So much to say here. Yes, the multiple implications in the use of the word gravity, and the way the title focuses us on the positive. We usually think of gravity as an enemy, or at least as a force to struggle against, but the title and the rising balloon at the end give the concept such a twist, that awareness of the gravity of a situation can actually be the tonic that heals. Really expertly done here.


    1. Thankyou …i LOVE your perspicacity…you read exactly my meaning and my feeling. Interesting that you say Gravity is something we struggle against… do you think on some level we know we have the capacity to be free? I do


      1. You are very kind.

        I think so, yes. But there is also something very Taoist in the balloon, and that tonic you mention, sometimes maybe it’s not the gravity we need to be free of so much as our perception of what gravity is. There is something to being free by going with the flow of nature, even in progress (sails, helium, aerodynamics, etc) rather than fighting against it. 🙂 I am so glad I stumbled onto your poems again. It’s been too long.


      2. it is ALWAYS perception we need to explore… gravity is beautiful, we are gifted with it really 😉
        i have visions now of people lifting off and needing to hold on to things to keep them down… well I guess thats part of the poetry!


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